Who is Running?

Lots of people are running.  The more important question is who is running that shares my values? Every race matters, each and every time when it comes to getting the support needed for my values. My criteria for picking candidates and races is as follows:

  • The candidate who supports my top 2 issues of protecting our earned national benefits and healthcare
  • Races where the incumbent is retiring, the challenger has national backing or both
  • Where it is worth taking on the challenger even if it is an uphill battle

Below are links to Google Sheet lists for the races I am supporting.  More races and states will be added as the primaries close.  You can check out the links provided for each candidate and decide who you want to support.  You can volunteer for almost any race in the country. So, let’s all pitch in to elect candidates that are represent our values.

You can share these links with your friends.

US House of Representatives

US Senate

State House Races

State Senate Races

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