Voter Registration

Voter Registration is an important part of the political process.

  • People move, and working people tend to move a lot.
  • New citizens need to be registered.
  • New generations of voters need to be registered when they turn 18. In some states they can pre-register at 16 and 17
  • People who are returning from prison need to be registered.

It takes a lot of work to make sure everyone is prepared to vote and organizations work to make that a reality. Here are some national organizations that make a difference. Think about volunteering!

League of Women Voters — focuses on voter registration across the country

Million Voters Project — collaboration of California’s strongest community networks

NAACP — oldest civil rights organization. Focused on voter registration and outreach

Spread the Vote — 21 million eligible voters in America do not have ID cards.  You need ID cards to vote in 20 states. Spread the vote helps through hyper-local chapters.

The Voter Participation Center  — working to register the rising American electorate: unmarried women, millenials, people of color.

Voto Latino — voter registration, civic engagement, issue advocacy for the Latino Community

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