Primary Dates

The primaries for each state vary. Some states hold primary elections and some don’t.  Some hold hybrid primaries and some hold closed primaries. For exact dates and voting information for your state, please contact your registrar of voters.

As soon as the primary is over, the candidates who are running against each other from each party will be known. This list is my guide on when I can start supporting candidates in these states that support my policy platform.

What happens in each state affects all of us.

March:  Texas, Illinois (2)

May:  Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky (11)

June: Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Maine, North Dakota, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, New York (hybrid primary), Oklahoma, Utah (18)

August:  Tennessee, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Hawaii, Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Florida (14)

September: Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island (3)

No or closed primaries: Louisiana and Massachusetts (2)

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