All it takes is one positive idea to change the world.  pexels-photo-356043.jpegWe practice our values in the world primarily through policies that we enact. And we look for political representatives at all levels of government that will enact policies that reflect our values.

We also have to educate and hold our representatives accountable in support of our policies by doing these things:

  • Understand our values and how they translate into policies we would support
  • Educate our friends and neighbors on our values and policy positions
  • Call/Write/E-Mail our Representatives to make sure their vote reflects our policies
  • Speak up and attend town hall meetings at local, state, and Congressional levels
  • Tell our Representatives when they are doing a good job
  • Vote in every election and encourage others to vote in every election
  • If we don’t like how we are represented, we run for office or find others to run
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