How to Guide

So, you have your candidate picked out that shares your values. How do you help?

1. Fund your candidate by giving a little money through their Donate button on their website.  Every candidate needs to travel around their districts to meet their constituents. And every campaign needs a campaign manager, field director, and access to the voter file at a minimum. Donating early to your candidate can help them put that in place.

2. Phone bank and text bank for your candidate. That’s right, contact voters on behalf of your candidate to find out if they are supporters, undecided, or not supporters.  Every campaign needs to ID all voters as to voting preference. Every campaign needs to persuade all of the undecided or leaning voters.  The sooner you get calling for your candidate the better.

3. Canvass for your voters if you are in their area.  Or travel to the district for a day or week of canvassing. Knocking on doors is the #1 most powerful voter engagement tool there is.

4. Tell all of your friends about your candidate. Share your story of why you are supporting them. Put pictures of them on FaceBook, and Tweet the good news.

5. Two weeks before the election, participate in your candidates Get Out the Vote (GOTV) events. The first four steps are mere preparation. Now it is time to get every possible person who supports your candidates to the polls. Every vote counts!  Candidates typically win by a few hundred votes the first time out. Some win by just one vote, really and truly.

Electing good people takes all of us!  Join in and make your values real in the world!!

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