Georgia Profile – 4 Seats & Governor

Hello Everyone,

Georgia is a very exciting state right now because Stacey Abrams is running for Governor!  Let’s elect her!  Please check out her campaign and sign up to volunteer.  Putting someone in the Governor’s Mansion who not only shares my values but also breaks long standing cycles of racial and gender disparity in elected office is a great thing! Go Stacey!

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US Congressional Races – Georgia

Georgia Seats

We have an opportunity to help turn the state by electing Stacey Abrams to the Governor’s Mansion as well as flipping at least 2 seats blue with 2 long shot races to watch.  But in a dynamic year, the Governor’s race might pull all boats to shore.

Also, Lucy McBath is running in Congressional District 6 which is the seat we tried to flip last year with Jon Ossoff (remember the race we spent $23 million on?). It didn’t flip, but we knocked it considerably closer to team blue. Let’s help Lucy flip this seat for good.

For access to the list of Congressional races above, please click here:  US Congressional Races

When I think of Georgia, I always think of peaches.  Now, I think of blue waves.  Go Georgia!

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Molly Hermes




97 Days Out to November – Canvassing

Hello Everyone,

We are just 97 days out to November and now is the time to work for candidates that share our American values.  The 100 day blog post was focused on fundraising for a candidate. Now, we need to start knocking on doors for our candidate.

If you haven’t picked a candidate yet, please find one in your district or in a swing district near you.  Swing Left and Sister District have candidates that are in nearby strategic races for you to support.

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This Week’s Strategic Action: Canvassing

Candidates cannot win without real life voter engagement and the method that has the highest success rate is knocking on doors.  It is fun, trust me.

In 2006, I canvassed in the far eastern suburbs of the Bay Area for Jerry McNerney. He wasn’t a Congressman at the time and was running against someone who did not share my values. So, I got super inspired that a wind engineer was running for Congress and decided to do some canvassing.  People were glad to see me, and a few even invited me in for some water (it was hot out there in the sun).  At that time, people with my values had given up on the area because they didn’t think they could win. Well, Jerry’s campaign changed all that and I have been forever inspired. Congressman Jerry McNerney is now running for his 7th term!

This is a recent story from a Sister District canvasser in Florida. Prepare to be inspired.

Sister District Canvassing in Paradise.

It is important to talk to people in real life and respectfully ask them for their vote.  Your personal story and willingness to go door-to-door to have a real conversation with a real person goes a long way.

Have a great Wednesday,

Molly Hermes


Mothers Day on Angel Island

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great week. My husband and I took a lovely walk today on the 5 mile perimeter trail around Angel Island. It is Mothers Day and the Tiburon ferry crew was handing out flowers.


Angel Island was an immigration station like Ellis Island. I started thinking about refugees and the great mass of humanity that came to our shores, integrated, and prospered. Now, I know not all of this is a happy story, but by and large our melting pot has been a great success.

What Can You Do? Call your member of Congress and ask them to create an affirming immigration policy, provide support for DREAMers and grant amnesty for the 12 million people that are already here and are making our country a great place to be. If you would like to know the kinds of things immigrants bring to and build in this country, check out this list from the International Rescue Committee.

Personal Reflection:  my family sailed by boat to the shores of this country in the mid to late 1800’s. They arrived before there were immigration stations. They simply purchased their fare and were able to arrive, travel to the Midwest, and start farming. I descend from these immigrants.

Later in our history, others came to these shores and some were denied. Now we have nearly a closed-door policy and that is not okay. Closing the door to immigrants and refugees do not represent my values.

This bench that I saw today on Angel Island says it all. We are better than the current policy of our government. Let’s work to open the doors again for those searching for a better life and safe harbor.


Have a good week.

–Molly Hermes


The Budget and ICE

This week, Congress is set to pass a continuing resolution (CR) which is the budget that they haven’t been able to agree on. But, instead of funding the government for the next month, they are planning on funding the government through September 2018. Here are some actions to take around this issue from Indivisible.

Link:  March 23 Spending Bill

What caught my attention the most in the above update is the increased funding in ICE officers to carry out the deportation quotas of this President.

One really important thing I learned last year from Asian Americans Advancing Justice is that the only way ICE can be successful in deporting 12 million people is if our local law enforcement cooperates. In California, my town is a sanctuary city and California is a sanctuary state by virtue of the California Values Act (both passed in 2017). What this means is that our local law enforcement cannot do the bidding of this President.

What protections does your community offer? And can you work with others on putting needed protections in place?

Have a good week!


Conor Lamb and our Earned Benefits

Hi Everyone,

Conor Lamb (D), Marine and Prosecutor has been declared the winner for PA-18.  The race is headed into a recount and the final votes from overseas won’t be fully counted until next week. More to come. . .

The reason why I supported Conor Lamb (D) in this race is that he vowed to protect our Earned Benefits of Social Security, Medicare, and support full investments in infrastructure and job training that lead to living wage jobs. Link: Conor Lamb (D) Priorities

Values voters are taking to the polls when candidates speak to our common shared values and our candidates are winning. My hope is that my fledgling website will be a voice in articulating our shared values and encourage people to take the electoral action needed to realize them.

Have a good day,


The National Budget

There is so much going on in the news, but the National Budget is going to make a very big impact on our values. There are so many of my core values not included in that budget. “Deep cuts are expected on Medicaid, housing, nutrition assistance, legal aid, and other programs families rely on.” (link from Indivisible)

Please call your Senators, Congresspersons, State House and State Senate members and say you want a budget that will benefit families. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has written a terrific budget that benefits people:  Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget.

Spend the week reading the budget, picking out your favorite items, and speaking with your family and friends about your priorities. As you feel more comfortable and learn more, consider tweeting, putting your views on Facebook, and writing a letter to the editor. Use your creativity and express yourself to the world! Start a wave of caring and compassion!

Have a great week!