Colorado Profile – 3 Seats

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Colorado first came to my attention as a political force in 2008.  This year, Colorado was known for teacher organizing.  As in so many states, high quality public education is a priority for our communities, but not realized by our lawmakers. It is time for Colorado to make a change in their choices for State Senators and US Congresspeople in order to enact real policies that will improve real lives. And there is nothing more important than access to quality education.

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Why States Matter:

The Colorado teacher’s strike landed on the State House steps. As a result, a 2% pay increase was approved. But, the State Senate could be more representative of my values if it landed firmly in camp blue. One response to the teacher’s request was to put forward a bill in the State Senate that would punish teachers with fines and up to six months in jail.

Sister District is out to help elect candidates who believe in funding public education and not punishing teachers.  By flipping 3 more seats, team blue would be in control of the State Senate and more could get done to help communities around education. Check out State Senate candidates here:  State Senate Races.

Colorado State Senate

US Congressional Seats:

There are 3 seats to flip and one to defend in Colorado for the US Congress.  Remember, we only need 24 seats to gain control of the US Congress. Check out the full list here: US House of Representatives.

Colorado Seats

What I would like to highlight is 4 supporting organizations that are working to elect candidates that you may not know about.

The Collective PAC is supporting African American candidates across the country. Stephany Rose Spaulding in Colorado has been endorsed by them.

Justice Democrats is working to elect candidates that sign on to a common platform to protect our rights (healthcare is a right), jump start our economy, and defend our democracy.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just won her primary in New York. Let’s help Stephany Rose Spaulding win in Colorado in November.

Vote Vets gives a voice to veterans on issues that affect their everyday lives.  Jason Crow in Colorado has been endorsed by Vote Vets.

New Politics is electing leaders who have served in the military, the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps to serve again in Congress. People who have already served may serve us well in our Congress and State Houses.  Jason Crow in Colorado has been endorsed by New Politics.

Only 96 days to the mid-term elections. Let’s work hard across the country to elect people that truly represent us.

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Molly Hermes

Ohio Profile – 8 Seats

Hello Everyone,

It is Friday night and I’m just catching up on all things political. I hope you are well. Ohio is near and dear to my heart because I am from there (shout out to Oberlin). My Mom is there right now working hard on Janet Garrett’s campaign for Congress for Ohio CD-4. Hi Mom! Janet Garrett absolutely shares my values.

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Ohio is a large state, and sometimes it has served as a battleground state, although it was not in 2016. However, in 2018, I am impressed with a slate of 8 candidates who share our American values and who are running. Most, like Janet, are everyday people who want to stand up and do what is right for their constituents.  Ohio, you give me hope!

Check out these great candidates here:  US Congressional Races

Ohio Seats

Ohio is a very rural state for the most part. There are the bigger city hubs like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. There are smaller cities as well like Dayton and Toledo. But, then, very quickly you are out into rural rolling farmland.  The state is both red and blue with a great heart and generous spirit.

Ohioans, please come on out and support our American values of health care, quality education, care of our veterans and elders, and providing a solid safety net for all.

Let’s go Ohio (and not just Ohio vs. Michigan).  Let’s give these great candidates a fighting chance to fight for you.

Have a great weekend,

Molly Hermes



California Profile – 15 Seats

Hi Everyone,

California is a large state with 50 US Congresspersons representing the state. There is an opportunity in California to pick up 13 seats and turn them blue as well as defend 2 blue seats from being flipped back.

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The seats run from the very North to the very South of California. While many of these seats are in the rural areas, there are a number in the densely populated Los Angeles to San Diego corridor.

There are organizations working to flip them including Swing Left, Flip the 14, Our RevolutionCode Blue, Commit to Flip Blue and many other local organizations. They all need volunteers. If you see your district on the list, please get involved directly with the campaign. If your district is not listed, the easiest way to get involved is through one of the organizations above.  We need you!

California is on fire (and not just literally). Below is a screen print from my google doc that has all the links and information on each race. Check out these great candidates here: US Congressional Races

California Seats

Turning these seats blue is certainly a key to win in November. With just 100 days out, it is not too early to get involved.


Molly Hermes

Alabama Profile – 2 Seats

Hi Everyone,

We are 4 months out from the November elections and it is good to profile where our possible wins are if we want to take back the House for Team Blue.  Here in California we are working hard to flip 14 seats.  We need 23 total flips.  But, every seat counts and if you call Alabama home, you’ll want to help flip seats in your state and elect some great people. Let’s go!

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In Alabama, there are two interesting seats that I’m profiling here.  The first is Swing Left supported and the second is a “race to watch.”

AL – CD-02: Tabitha Isner

Tabitha Isner is running in a Swing Left supported seat that is in the Montgomery Metropolitan Area.  She has a Master of Divinity and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago. She is running on a “serious family values” platform.

AL – CD-03: Mallory Hagan

Mallory Hagan is a CBS News Anchor and the 2013 Miss America Pageant winner.  She gave up her job at CBS in order to run for Congress.  She also has a #MeToo story as part of her time as Miss America.  This is a race to watch.

All of Alabama’s 7 Congressional Districts have Democratic candidates running. And, one Democratic candidate has already been effectively elected since no one from Team Red decided to run against her.  If you are in or near Alabama, working for change is worth it!

Happy Friday,

Molly Hermes

Illinois Primaries in March

Hello Everyone,

This Illinois primaries just happened on March 20, 2018, and I have updated the races to watch for the US House of Representatives, the Illinois State House, and the Illinois Senate.

Interesting Facts:

  • US House of Representatives:  there are 5 races that to watch and 4 to flip
  • The race I am excited about is for Lauren Underwood who is running for the US House in Illinois CD14. She is the kind of value’s centered candidate that I support.
  • The State House and State Senate races are interesting.  There are lots of incumbents not running which provides an opening for candidates with my values. Some of these candidates look really great, and some are so poorly funded that they don’t have websites. But, I found either a Facebook page or Twitter account for them all.

Check out the slates of candidates here:  US House of Representatives, State House RacesState Senate Races, and there are no new US Senate races as the next time for Illinois will be in 2020 (the US Senate is divided in 3 and the elections are spread out in 3 distinct cycles).

Texas Primaries Just Happened

Hi Everyone,

This past week the Texas Primaries happened and so many good candidates are running for office that share my values.  I have spent this morning putting all of my candidate picks together for the races that I think are super important to all of us in this country. If you live in Texas all the better. Check out the candidate picks on my Who is Running page or the links on the side menu bar.

Illinois is up in two weeks!

Have a great week,