Hello Everyone,

It is one month since I blogged and all kinds of crazy things have happened that might get anyone down. But, not me. I went to a great party put on by Commit to Flip Blue and got to meet Dolores Huerta, one of my heroines. It is not often you get to meet your heroine, and that felt inspirational.

Dolores, the documentary, photgraphy

For those of you who don’t know anything about Dolores Huerta, I highly recommend the documentary, Dolores, that came out two years ago. And, here is an article and interview with her in Modern Farmer: Dolores Huerta finally gets her due.

Monthly Action: what I’ve done this month besides attending the party is starting to plan out my strategy and issues list for 2019 and 2020. We have important issues to focus on and candidates to get elected who can enact important legislation in 2019 and 2020. While so much drama is going on, I prefer to hunker down and plan. My goal is to never feel negative and never get distracted. I am in this for the long term, and when I’m 88, I hope I’ll be at someone’s party and reminding them Si Se Puede.

Have a great week!

–Molly Hermes, acting on your values each day

July 4th – Four Months Out

Hello Everyone,

I am hopeful that everyone is having a festive July 4th. I am headed to a baseball game today and others are headed to festivals. There is a great festival in my town that celebrates all cultures called the One World Festival.  Our melting pot of all cultures is what makes our country great and is what we want to preserve and not diminish.

What keeps our country strong is our system of justice and a government that does have checks and balances. But, our system of government is also fragile and only works when there is truly a check. With one party in control and the courts being stacked, many of our institutions will be diminished unless “we the people’ put back a check. That is why we will flip this Congress blue.


Four Months Out:  My mom is visiting this week and on Sunday we attended a meeting of those working on turning the tide in our Congress and putting a check on this administration.  We have four months to do this work and not leave anything on the field.

Sunday Action Days:  We plan to do this work by having Sunday days of action where we have phone banking, texting, and post-carding all under one roof. We are committing to flip 4 California Congressional Districts blue. We will have greeters, trainers, and committed organizers making sure people of all kinds feel welcome and what they do matters. Events near you:  Commit to Flip Blue, Democracy Action

Campaigns in Your Area:  If you are in the Bay Area, come and join us.  If you are not in the Bay Area, create your own action days by working on a campaign in your area.  If you are in a blue area, help flip a red area.  Working directly with a group or a campaign in your community is the way to go. Events near you:  Swing LeftSister District

We can do this!

Have a happy 4th!

–Molly Hermes

Parties for Change

This weekend, I attended two parties for change and reveled in the beauty of the Royal Wedding. Steadily being active in our democracy is a lot of work, and we need to do it with others and have some fun. With summer coming up, let’s party!

What can you do?  Here are some ideas of what my friends do around politics. 

1) Have a postcard party. Gather up your friends and neighbors and write postcards for campaigns through Postcards to Voters. It is super fun, you can socialize over non-political topics as you write to voters. Include some beverages, cheese and crackers and you are set. Presto party!

2) Have a garage sale.  My friends and I had a garage sale on Saturday. We have a potluck breakfast, a potluck lunch, and hang out and talk politics all day. It is fun!

3) Have a ballot deciding dinner party.  My friends and I go through our ballots together and figure out who deserves our vote. Figuring out who to vote for takes research. But, you don’t have to do it alone! Gather up your friends, collect information from trusted sources, and decide together.

assorted colors paper cutouts closeup photo
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Personal Reflection:  Working each day for change takes a lot of perseverance. But, I learned 15 years ago that it is a lot more fun with friends.  My current group and I have hung out together for 11 years. People come and go, but our community of ordinary people taking extraordinary action has gotten ever wider and much stronger. Plus, we have all made some new friends.

Form your own action circle, or meet people who may be interested through meet-ups. There are groups all around and you can always start your own. So, let’s have some summer fun.

Have a great week!

–Molly Hermes

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter, Passover, and spring!  My memories of this time from my childhood is having the ground smell of spring after a long and usually snowy winter.  The grass would be wet, and little buds would be sprouting everywhere. New life, spring, bunnies, eggs, hope, return, freedom and new beginnings are my touchstones at this time.

No matter your practice, I am finding plenty to be hopeful for this Spring as I strengthen the clarity around my values and my resolve to help create a better world that is free and fair for all.

Onward into the month of April!

Blessed be.

–Molly Hermes