Hello Everyone,

I finally have time to fire up the blog again. Thank you for still reading and subscribing. Today’s post is about diplomacy. No, I am not going to talk about the news, but I am going to talk about a great documentary I watched last month that I think can give us a path forward for today.

Oscar Arias, without a Shot Fired

Oscar Arias documentary on Peace Jam films

Do you ever wonder why Costa Rica is peaceful and prosperous? It is because in 1948, they eliminated their military and decided that the best way to protect their citizens was through a good standard of living at home, and diplomacy abroad. And it worked. The movie is fascinating and can be watched for free through your local library on Kanopy.

Peace Jam films makes movies about Nobel Peace Prize winners. I have watched several and was really moved by this one. In fact, the United Nations has located their University of Peace in Costa Rica. You can even take distance learning courses.

The art of diplomacy is taught at home in most households and should be our very first line of defense abroad. While we may not all have the same ideology or point of view, the road to peace is peace.

Have a great day. Although I can’t always write the blog, I am always active each day. I hope this finds you well,

Molly Hermes