2018 Mid-Term Elections

Hello Everyone,

We are at the end of the 2018 Mid-Term elections. This year it was important to elect House of Representative candidates that would stand up for our values and we did it. We flipped a net 40 seats. 

2018 Mid-Term Elections Seats Flipped

Going into this election, I kept track of 166 races – both seats to defend (34) and seats to flip (132) on this House of Representatives spreadsheet that is also listed in the side-bar of this blog.

All the states in dark blue on the map show where we made a net gain in the House. The states in light blue are where we successfully defended all seats. Minnesota was interesting because we defended, flipped 2 seats, and lost 2 seats that flipped back the other way. This is why the state is in purple on the map. And, the states in white didn’t have seats to defend (close races) and where we weren’t successful in flipping.

We flipped in every region of the country, so we need to continue to have a strategy for all 50 states going into 2020.  And the seats that we flipped had strong coalitions backing them except for a very few. So, it is important to keep building coalitions of like-minded partners that share our values.

On my next blog posts, I will keep track of our issues which is why we elected new people in the first place.  It is time for our elected officials to stand up and vote for our values. More to come.

Thank you for all that you do to stand up for your values each day,

Molly Hermes

Thank You! And A US Senate Race in 2018!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who participated in voting and voting your values in 2018.  There is now a check on an administration that does not share my values. I also look forward to doing the work it will take to put in clear policies that will help EVERYONE and not just a select few in our country. Exciting times are ahead!

Molly Phone Banking

The Last 80 Days:

The last 80 days of the 2018 election season were busy.  I found I couldn’t really blog and be active at the level required in those last few months.  The above photo is me and my computer at a home phone bank. I personally paced myself and every week I was active with one, two or three intensive activities. But it paid off. Even if I hadn’t helped elect candidates that would put sound policies in place, I knew I had done my part as a citizen of this country.

The Blog:

So, I am kicking off the blog again and focusing on policies that if enacted would support EVERYONE and build strong and healthy communities.  And, then, when it gets to crunch time and we start electing candidates, I can share strategies that worked in 2018, and new strategies that will help win more in 2019 and 2020. We will also hold our elected officials accountable for creating a world that works for EVERYONE.  Thank you for coming along on this ride with me.

Another US Senate Race Run-off Election in November:

Have a great Sunday, and we still have a Senate seat in Mississippi to focus on. People are out canvassing, calling, and texting for Mike Espy running for the US Senate in Mississippi. Go Mike!

Thank you for all that you do,

Molly Hermes