Conor Lamb and our Earned Benefits

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Conor Lamb (D), Marine and Prosecutor has been declared the winner for PA-18.  The race is headed into a recount and the final votes from overseas won’t be fully counted until next week. More to come. . .

The reason why I supported Conor Lamb (D) in this race is that he vowed to protect our Earned Benefits of Social Security, Medicare, and support full investments in infrastructure and job training that lead to living wage jobs. Link: Conor Lamb (D) Priorities

Values voters are taking to the polls when candidates speak to our common shared values and our candidates are winning. My hope is that my fledgling website will be a voice in articulating our shared values and encourage people to take the electoral action needed to realize them.

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The National Budget

There is so much going on in the news, but the National Budget is going to make a very big impact on our values. There are so many of my core values not included in that budget. “Deep cuts are expected on Medicaid, housing, nutrition assistance, legal aid, and other programs families rely on.” (link from Indivisible)

Please call your Senators, Congresspersons, State House and State Senate members and say you want a budget that will benefit families. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has written a terrific budget that benefits people:  Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget.

Spend the week reading the budget, picking out your favorite items, and speaking with your family and friends about your priorities. As you feel more comfortable and learn more, consider tweeting, putting your views on Facebook, and writing a letter to the editor. Use your creativity and express yourself to the world! Start a wave of caring and compassion!

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Texas Primaries Just Happened

Hi Everyone,

This past week the Texas Primaries happened and so many good candidates are running for office that share my values.  I have spent this morning putting all of my candidate picks together for the races that I think are super important to all of us in this country. If you live in Texas all the better. Check out the candidate picks on my Who is Running page or the links on the side menu bar.

Illinois is up in two weeks!

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