Co-Equal Branch of Government vs. the Shutdown

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I’ve been watching the news and reflecting on the partial Federal Government shutdown just like all of you. And, I’ve also been reflecting on the Constitution of the United States. The Congress (House and Senate together), the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch are all co-equal branches of government. What this means is that Congress can over-ride a Presidential veto. It also means that the Congress can pass a bill and change the outcome of a Supreme Court decision. Congress has a lot of power, and that is why representation matters to uphold our values. But power comes with a responsibility – it needs to be used to put a check on policies that do not uphold our values, or to create a compromise between polarizing views.

The Congress has over-ridden Presidential vetoes to pass a bill that reflects a bi-partisan approach to Government. It is time to restore that check in the “check and balance.” The Senators have the votes to pass the compromise bill that is put forward by the House. It is a good bill and was put forward by last year’s House. And, it can pass and withstand a Presidential veto.

So, when watching the workings of the US Capitol, remember that we are all Americans and we do have the ability to compromise and pass legislation that will make a difference in all of our lives.

To see the effect of the shutdown on real Americans in all 50 States, please check out this info-graphic here from the New York Times.

Your Action: please call your Senators and ask them to pass the bill, and then pass it again to over-ride the Presidential veto.

Respectfully yours,

Molly Hermes

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