The Border

Hello Everyone,

During this time of the year that we are in holiday season and the year is wrapping to a close, it is time to look back, express gratitude, and look forward to new beginnings.  This past year, we worked hard to elect candidates that would treat immigrants humanely as well as enact a fair foreign policy abroad among many other issues.

From a church in Nicaragua, 1987 (collection of Molly Hermes)

When I was in college, I majored in religious studies and spent time in Central America. Last year, I watched the documentary Living on One and started to sponsor a student through Mayan Families receive her education.  That is my way of practicing my values beyond my own world.  And, I am thinking of my long ago travels right now, as the crisis of the border rages on.

If you’d like to make a meaningful difference, please support the work of the American Friends Service Committee and find out what you can do to affect change at the border.

We are all connected — the Global North is connected to the Global South. Let’s create a just world and encourage our elected officials to do the same.

Blessed Be,

Molly Hermes

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