Georgia Profile – 4 Seats & Governor

Hello Everyone,

Georgia is a very exciting state right now because Stacey Abrams is running for Governor!  Let’s elect her!  Please check out her campaign and sign up to volunteer.  Putting someone in the Governor’s Mansion who not only shares my values but also breaks long standing cycles of racial and gender disparity in elected office is a great thing! Go Stacey!

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US Congressional Races – Georgia

Georgia Seats

We have an opportunity to help turn the state by electing Stacey Abrams to the Governor’s Mansion as well as flipping at least 2 seats blue with 2 long shot races to watch.  But in a dynamic year, the Governor’s race might pull all boats to shore.

Also, Lucy McBath is running in Congressional District 6 which is the seat we tried to flip last year with Jon Ossoff (remember the race we spent $23 million on?). It didn’t flip, but we knocked it considerably closer to team blue. Let’s help Lucy flip this seat for good.

For access to the list of Congressional races above, please click here:  US Congressional Races

When I think of Georgia, I always think of peaches.  Now, I think of blue waves.  Go Georgia!

Have a good day,

Molly Hermes




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