Colorado Profile – 3 Seats

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Colorado first came to my attention as a political force in 2008.  This year, Colorado was known for teacher organizing.  As in so many states, high quality public education is a priority for our communities, but not realized by our lawmakers. It is time for Colorado to make a change in their choices for State Senators and US Congresspeople in order to enact real policies that will improve real lives. And there is nothing more important than access to quality education.

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Why States Matter:

The Colorado teacher’s strike landed on the State House steps. As a result, a 2% pay increase was approved. But, the State Senate could be more representative of my values if it landed firmly in camp blue. One response to the teacher’s request was to put forward a bill in the State Senate that would punish teachers with fines and up to six months in jail.

Sister District is out to help elect candidates who believe in funding public education and not punishing teachers.  By flipping 3 more seats, team blue would be in control of the State Senate and more could get done to help communities around education. Check out State Senate candidates here:  State Senate Races.

Colorado State Senate

US Congressional Seats:

There are 3 seats to flip and one to defend in Colorado for the US Congress.  Remember, we only need 24 seats to gain control of the US Congress. Check out the full list here: US House of Representatives.

Colorado Seats

What I would like to highlight is 4 supporting organizations that are working to elect candidates that you may not know about.

The Collective PAC is supporting African American candidates across the country. Stephany Rose Spaulding in Colorado has been endorsed by them.

Justice Democrats is working to elect candidates that sign on to a common platform to protect our rights (healthcare is a right), jump start our economy, and defend our democracy.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just won her primary in New York. Let’s help Stephany Rose Spaulding win in Colorado in November.

Vote Vets gives a voice to veterans on issues that affect their everyday lives.  Jason Crow in Colorado has been endorsed by Vote Vets.

New Politics is electing leaders who have served in the military, the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps to serve again in Congress. People who have already served may serve us well in our Congress and State Houses.  Jason Crow in Colorado has been endorsed by New Politics.

Only 96 days to the mid-term elections. Let’s work hard across the country to elect people that truly represent us.

Happy Thursday,

Molly Hermes

One thought on “Colorado Profile – 3 Seats”

  1. Hi Molly! I love this information!! So sorry
    It took so long to reply! I love the blue resources you have provided and I will share! A big problem we have in Colorado is called TABOR. This is a “Tax Payers Bill of Rights” which sounds like an amazing thing…however it has also depleted many school funding sources and needs revision. Unfortunately, no politician is willing to run on a platform of changing tax payers bill of rights…it’s gets blown in a similar fashion as gun rights. I love what you’re doing Molly! I pray our voices are heard and a wave of blue will move back in and silence or eradicate the hatred and ugliness that seems to be growing all over the US.


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