Ohio Profile – 8 Seats

Hello Everyone,

It is Friday night and I’m just catching up on all things political. I hope you are well. Ohio is near and dear to my heart because I am from there (shout out to Oberlin). My Mom is there right now working hard on Janet Garrett’s campaign for Congress for Ohio CD-4. Hi Mom! Janet Garrett absolutely shares my values.

houses in farm against cloudy sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ohio is a large state, and sometimes it has served as a battleground state, although it was not in 2016. However, in 2018, I am impressed with a slate of 8 candidates who share our American values and who are running. Most, like Janet, are everyday people who want to stand up and do what is right for their constituents.  Ohio, you give me hope!

Check out these great candidates here:  US Congressional Races

Ohio Seats

Ohio is a very rural state for the most part. There are the bigger city hubs like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. There are smaller cities as well like Dayton and Toledo. But, then, very quickly you are out into rural rolling farmland.  The state is both red and blue with a great heart and generous spirit.

Ohioans, please come on out and support our American values of health care, quality education, care of our veterans and elders, and providing a solid safety net for all.

Let’s go Ohio (and not just Ohio vs. Michigan).  Let’s give these great candidates a fighting chance to fight for you.

Have a great weekend,

Molly Hermes



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