California Profile – 15 Seats

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California is a large state with 50 US Congresspersons representing the state. There is an opportunity in California to pick up 13 seats and turn them blue as well as defend 2 blue seats from being flipped back.

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The seats run from the very North to the very South of California. While many of these seats are in the rural areas, there are a number in the densely populated Los Angeles to San Diego corridor.

There are organizations working to flip them including Swing Left, Flip the 14, Our RevolutionCode Blue, Commit to Flip Blue and many other local organizations. They all need volunteers. If you see your district on the list, please get involved directly with the campaign. If your district is not listed, the easiest way to get involved is through one of the organizations above.  We need you!

California is on fire (and not just literally). Below is a screen print from my google doc that has all the links and information on each race. Check out these great candidates here: US Congressional Races

California Seats

Turning these seats blue is certainly a key to win in November. With just 100 days out, it is not too early to get involved.


Molly Hermes

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