100 Days Out to November

Hello Everyone,

We are just 100 days out to November and now is the time to start supporting candidates that share our American values.  A friend of mine pointed out that there are 30 US Senate seats, 435 US House Seats, and 30 Governors races up for grabs this November. This is a big election!

Each blog post from now until November will contain a strategic action to take for you to be of maximum help to your candidate.  Please support a candidate in your district that shares your values AND a candidate in the nearest swing district to you.  Swing Left and Sister District have candidates that are in nearby strategic races for you to support.

This Week’s Strategic Action: Fundraising

Candidates cannot win without money and it is easy to donate through Act BlueThe first step is to donate directly to your candidate through this site.

The second step is to amplify the message and encourage others to donate too. You can set up a personal fundraising page for your candidate and encourage all your friends to donate.   You do nothing more than encourage your friends to put their money where their values are. The Act Blue system does all the rest.

Screen Print of the Act Blue Fundraising Page 

Your donation does not have to be large to make a difference. Remember, President Obama received a donation of $3 and a bible verse back in 2008.  Most candidates receive money from many small donors and those donations add up to a lot!

Please support your candidate through Act Blue and encourage all your friends to do the same.

Have a great Sunday,

Molly Hermes


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