Families Belong Together March 6/30/18

Hi Everyone,

I have gotten behind on the blog. Sometimes life just happens.  So, I’ll make this entry short and sweet. Everyone has been watching the news, and perhaps feeling angry. I know I am. But what I am not feeling is powerless. We can stand up and act. So, this next weekend, I am going to march to stop detentions and to keep families together.

You can sign up here with Move-On’s  Families Belong Together day of action on June 30th. There are events all over the country. I am heading to the closest one near me.

adventure baby beautiful blue eyes
Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

Personal Reflection:  I get stressed out when I lose my keys (ask my husband) and can’t imagine the pain of being separated from my children. I have always thought of this country as a safe haven. Immigrants make our country great. People who come here and want to be here have added significantly to who we are as a nation.  Let’s all stand up for truly American Values and for the great, generous melting pot that is our nation.

Blessed be,

Molly Hermes


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