Mothers Day on Angel Island

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great week. My husband and I took a lovely walk today on the 5 mile perimeter trail around Angel Island. It is Mothers Day and the Tiburon ferry crew was handing out flowers.


Angel Island was an immigration station like Ellis Island. I started thinking about refugees and the great mass of humanity that came to our shores, integrated, and prospered. Now, I know not all of this is a happy story, but by and large our melting pot has been a great success.

What Can You Do? Call your member of Congress and ask them to create an affirming immigration policy, provide support for DREAMers and grant amnesty for the 12 million people that are already here and are making our country a great place to be. If you would like to know the kinds of things immigrants bring to and build in this country, check out this list from the International Rescue Committee.

Personal Reflection:  my family sailed by boat to the shores of this country in the mid to late 1800’s. They arrived before there were immigration stations. They simply purchased their fare and were able to arrive, travel to the Midwest, and start farming. I descend from these immigrants.

Later in our history, others came to these shores and some were denied. Now we have nearly a closed-door policy and that is not okay. Closing the door to immigrants and refugees do not represent my values.

This bench that I saw today on Angel Island says it all. We are better than the current policy of our government. Let’s work to open the doors again for those searching for a better life and safe harbor.


Have a good week.

–Molly Hermes


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