Education – Colorado

Hello Everyone,

Colorado teachers are headed to the State Capitol on Friday, April 27th. They are following behind West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arizona in demanding sustainable salaries and increased school funding. You can watch a good video here:  April 27th Colorado Teachers.

Colorado, like Oklahoma, has 4-day school weeks to save money in 45% of their districts. You can read a good article here from Colorado Public Radio: Colorado Public Radio Article 2017.


Reflection: when I was growing up, my community put education first. Yes, it is costly, but education is the focal point of any community. Quality education levels the playing field, and is the economic and social engine of any healthy community.  It says a lot about our priorities as a country when we don’t put education first. And, we can’t compete with the rest of the world unless we do.  Let’s put children and families first in all that we do!

Have a great day!

–Molly Hermes

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