Children First

Are the Kids All Right?  A society that is civil makes sure to take care of the youngest.  Children do not vote, so how do they rank in the electoral process in your state? And who watches out for their interests?

Weekly Action: Universal prekindergarten would be a great benefit to families and to our economy.  Access to education and care during the first 5 years is critical to the success of any child over their entire life. Does your state fund prekindergarten programs? If this issue so moves you, how can you get involved?

  • Georgia was the first state in the nation to pass universal prekindergarten funding back in the late 1990s. An entire generation of Georgia children have had access to prekindergarten.
  • California tried and failed with their ballot initiative back in 2006, but a new coalition called Choose Children is going to try again by putting the interests of children front and center when we vote for the next California governor in November 2018.


Reflection on Georgia:

Universal prekindergarten is now funded in Georgia without income limitations and is a bi-partisan electoral success. It is here to stay and benefits the state in so many ways. How did it come about? Here is a great article from the Atlantic:

Georgia’s program could be funded at a higher level, in order to eliminate the wait-list. However, Georgia, unlike California, has a solid base of understanding across all electoral constituencies upon which to build.

Each day, my thought goes out to how to build a more civil, supportive society that benefits all and becomes “the norm” upon which a vast majority can agree. Universal prekindergarten is one of those issues that can cross polarized political lines. Instead of arguing about what the future should look like, it is important to recognize that, in some states, the future has arrived.  Let’s all follow Georgia’s example and put children first!

Have a great week,

Molly Hermes

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