The Budget and ICE

This week, Congress is set to pass a continuing resolution (CR) which is the budget that they haven’t been able to agree on. But, instead of funding the government for the next month, they are planning on funding the government through September 2018. Here are some actions to take around this issue from Indivisible.

Link:  March 23 Spending Bill

What caught my attention the most in the above update is the increased funding in ICE officers to carry out the deportation quotas of this President.

One really important thing I learned last year from Asian Americans Advancing Justice is that the only way ICE can be successful in deporting 12 million people is if our local law enforcement cooperates. In California, my town is a sanctuary city and California is a sanctuary state by virtue of the California Values Act (both passed in 2017). What this means is that our local law enforcement cannot do the bidding of this President.

What protections does your community offer? And can you work with others on putting needed protections in place?

Have a good week!


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